This Sunday 23rd April will see the beautiful city of Perth, Australia host the latest edition of Ignition Muaythai. Muaythai in Australia continues to go from strength to strength and following in the footsteps of John Wayne Parr a whole new generation of young blood are now stepping into the global Muaythai spotlight.

The main event will see Ben Worsfold (Australia) go head to head with Khumsab (Thailand) under full WMC rules (5×3 minute rounds) alongside an exciting undercard.

Promoter Peter Boyd stated that the hype for this event has been better than ever and all the locals are excited to see a top-level Thai fighter against their local hero.

Full fight card below

**Fight Card update 16th April 2017**

IGNITION Muaythai Sunday 23rd April 2017
Main Card
Ben Worsfold (WATBC) v Khumsab (Bailey Fight) 63.5kg 5×3
Jenna Harvey (Mach1) v Saskia Vaughn (Seldys) 59kg 5×2
Brandon Kingston (WATBC) v Paul Clark (Beastmaster) 64kg 3×2

Under Card
Nate Koufis (Kanchana) v Shanon Breaden (MMT) 85kg 3×2
Deon Alderton (Diesel) v Corey Scarlett (EMT) 78kg 3×2
Adam Nielson (MMA247) v Dave Flanagan (Kao Sok) 64kg 3×2
Ramadan Ontong (AMMA) v Kodi Linturn (XLMA) 60kg 3×2
Mitch Walker (Diesel) v Rhys Hall (Beastmaster) 73kg 3×2
Callum Philips (MMA247) v Jonny Craster (Seldys) 79kg 3×2
Ryan Green (Mach1) v Ryan Foster (Predator) 73kg 3×2
Jo O’Neil Sutton (Dean Timms) v Liz Earp (KKB) 60kg 3×2
Joseph Nguntual (MMA247) v Tom Stack (XLMA) 60kg 3×2
Maddison Grigg (Inswing) v April Okely (Seldys) 59kg 3×2
Andrew Keary (Kao Sok) v Jay Hughes (EMT) 66kg 3×2
Kayleigh Wainwright (WATBC) v Audrey Cartraud (CNS) 57kg 3×2
Cody Harich (Diesel) v Sam Andrews (Predator) 71kg 3×2
Stephan Kirk (MMA247) v Murray Brockman (KKB) 63kg 3×2
Sim Sehmi (Mach1) v Janick Lim (Baileys) 54kg 3×2
Max Perceval (WATBC) v Matty Fernihough (ECMMA) 55kg 3×2
Eli Evitt (Kao Sok) v Logan Carter (LOTJ) 45kg 3×2