The Iraqi muaythai federation fully which is fully recognised by their National Olympic Federation and sponsored by his Excellency Minister Ihsan Abd Al Jabbar Ismail opened up the 2012 national championships. President Mustafa Alaq stated that Iraq is proud to have received the full permission by the government to do this national championships taking into consideration health and safety and well-being of the athletes during the pandemic. He further stated that it is important for Iraq to prepare for the upcoming IFMA world championships, the Indoor Asian Martial Arts Games 2022 and  Iraq has high hopes to have a spot in the World Games 2022 in the United States.

His Excellency stated that now more than ever we must support the athletes towards health and well being. Iraqi muaythai is one of the strongest national federations in Aisa and as muaythai just received IOC recognition we must celebrate the Olympic values of cultural sporting and educational exchange.

Omar Mohamed IFMA ITO has been sent to oversee all refereeing and judging to ensure fairness and fair play while Muhammad Amr has been sent to ensure the technical requirements of the event. IFMA congratulates the national federation of Iraq and president Mustafa Alaq and wished all the participating athlete good luck for this important event.