Spain’s Superfights: 20 April

April 20th will be a Saturday of “Superfights” in Spain, a fantastic promotion for Spanish Muaythai. The event is being called “Muaythai is Back – Becker’s Birthday,” in honour of the 50th birthday of Emilio Becker, one of the pillars of Spain’s Muaythai world, a founding member and WMC Commission member and IFMA Executive Board […]

Canary Islands Clash

A Muaythai Gala will be held in La Victoria, with the collaboration of the sporting region of Tenerife, Canary Islands, on the upcoming 1 September. In this gala event, the FEMT Spanish Belt for the 86kg category is up for grabs. The fighter from the Muaythai Club of La Victoria, Tenerife will be Ale VS Mario Ostos from […]

Will 2 Fight: Portugal VS Spain Iberian Showdown

This month, on the 28th of July, a Spanish team will have found its way to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, for an Iberian showdown, the 7th edition of the “Will 2 Fight” event organized by promotor Joze Fortez. The Spanish team is made up of the following: Antonio Ponce, 64 kg, Hanuman Team Córdoba José […]

WMC Best of the Best in Spain

On February 18th WMC promotor Francisco  Villalba manger of Club Hanuman will organise this professional tournament. The event which will be hald in the city of  Córdoba will establish the 4 best fighters in Spain in the 63.5 KG division. The gala is sponsored by several local companies of the city of Córdoba and will be […]

Muaythai Fight Explosion in Spain

The city of Baena will host the 1st edition of the Muaythai Fight Explosion event organized by Club Hanuman and with the collaboration of the local sports administration. The Royal Sport Center Juan Carlos will come alive on the 22nd of October!! For more information please visit  

3rd Victoria Muaythai Gala

The 13th of August 2011 will see the 3rd edition of the Victoria Muaythai Gala in which the best figthers from the Canary Islands will convene for a showdown. The event is organised by the Victory Muaythai Club, a member of IFMA’s spanish representatives, the Spanish Federation Muay Thai  

Professional Muay Thai Gala

The gym and promoter Jordi Peña of Fuerteventura is organizing the first ever national title of the Spanish Association of Muaythai held in the Spanish islands. It will be hosted by the town of Corralejo and will be based on the 60 kg weight category, under full WMC rules, with 5 x 2 professional B class fighters. […]

IV Spanish National Championship

The Federacion Española Muay Thai – FEMT, assisted by the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur – IFMA and the European Muaythai Federation – EMF, is proud to present to you the 4th official qualifying event. This event will allow the best Spanish fighters to participate at the prestigious World Muaythai Championships taking place in Uzbekistan […]