Tengnung_trophyIn a spectacular gala event held in honour of His Majesty’s 87th birthday, and in the midst of over one million people, Tengnung Sittasayrung made the Kingdom proud by winning the Super 4 tournament.

A special moment in the evening’s proceedings was when the Royal Cadets marched in the Kings Cup Trophy donated by His Majesty the King of Thailand, to the World Muaythai Council, which is under Royal Patronage.

Tengnung defeated Carl N’Diaye from Sweden, and Ilya Grad from Israel beat Robin Elite from Brazil in a hard fought toe to toe bout in the semi-final rounds.

In the final bout of the tournament, Tengnung took it to Ilya and dismantled him in the first round for the win, and the crowd was in awe when he stepped up in front of His Majesty’s image to receive the Kings Cup and make Muaythai history.

Images courtesy of Zrs Gamboa.