The well-known Muaythai promotion, Thai Fight, will be putting on two special eight man tournaments on Saturday the 25th of October as the MCC Hall at The Mall Bangkapi in Bangkok, Thailand. Well known Muaythai superstars such as Thailand’s Yodsaenklai Fairtex and Saiyok, France’s Antoine Pinto, and America’s Michael Corley will be competing in the events.

The tournaments will be split into two competitions. The first eight man tournament featuring Yodsaenklai and others will be a 70kg, Muaythai “Kard Chuek,” or rope-wrap tournament with a specially designated Royal Trophy awarded to this unique bout. The second eight man tournament will be a strictly Muaythai 72.5kg tournament and will feature Muaythai standouts like Antoine Pinto and Michael Corley, with the winner also receiving a specially designated Royal Trophy awarded for the bout.


Stay tuned for an explosive night of fights, and if you’re in the area during the 25th, drop in to see some exciting Muaythai action!

thai fight kard chek 2014(70kg)

70kg Kard Chuek Tournament Lineup

  1. Yodsanklai (Fairtex) – Thailand
  2. Christophe Pruvost – Switzerland
  3. Alex Oller – Brazil
  4. Batyr Korgoloev – Russia
  5. Naimjon Tuhtobaev – Uzbekistan
  6. Takeru Shimitsu – Japan
  7. Too Too – Myanmar
  8. Mohammed El Mir – Denmark

thai fight kom(72.5kg)

72.5k Muaythai Tournament Lineup

  1. Antoine Pinto (Siangboxing) – France
  2. Saiyok (Windy sport) – Thailand
  3. Alka Matewa – Belgium
  4. Ben Hodge – England
  5. Sen Bunthen – Cambodia
  6. Michael Corley – United States
  7. Hiroki Nakashima – Japan
  8. Millad Farzad – Australia