Slamm, the premier muaythai promoter from Holland, put on another world class event with the best from Holland and Morocco taking on the best from Thailand. Fight no.1 was in the 61kg division between Illias el Hajoui  VS  Pornsane Sitmonchai who both put on a world class performance, but the Dutch fighter took the lead with a points decision against the Thai fighter.

Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn, one of the biggest names in this division, was the favourite for the match but it was Miles Simson who put on the performance of a lifetime and took the match though a unanimous points decision putting the Dutch firmly ahead.

The 3rd fight was between Faldir Chahbari from Morocco VS former WMC champion Bovy Sor Udomsorn, and the Moroccan showed why morocco is a leader in professional muaythai as he took the fight with an easy points decision.

The main fight was between Thailand’s No.1 Sayok Pumphangmuang who had just come directly from a big win, taking His Majesty the King of Thailand’s Trophy, and who had, up till now won 32 fights consecutively and is also ranked in the WMC top 10 VS the Moroccan born Mohammed Khamal

It was the Moroccan stunning Sayok in the second round, opening a cut, which left the referee no choice but to stop the contest. This was the final blow leaving Thailand with nothing on the night. Thailand is looking for a comeback and rematches are already in discussion!

This event has shown some top level fighting and it is plain to see that Muaythai is pushing forward onto the world stage and is now well on its way to being IOC recognised.

Congratulations to the organisers for a fantastic event.