Sunday 9th April will see the latest installment of Bom Promotions in Tokyo, Japan. The event runs twice a year and never fails to disappoint, showcasing some of Japan’s finest warriors. The event is sanctioned by the WMC and will feature a World title fight as well as female fights in honour of the UN Women Campaign to end violence against women.

The main fight of the evening will see local Japanese hero Nadaka Yoshinari go head to head with Yaksad Shiriluk Muaythai Gym from Thailand for the WMC World title at pin weight 45.45 KG. Both fighters have been in the WMC top 10 rankings for a few months now so this will be a very interesting fight indeed.


Promoter Natsuo stated that Japanese-Thai relations have always been strong and events like this further promote the relationship by offering sporting and cultural exchange. Tokyo is home to some of the world’s most ancient martial arts and it is an honour to bring such top level fighters into Japan from the motherland of the sport.