The Challenger Muaythai is the biggest muaythai reality TV show ever staged. It is more than just a TV program, it’s a sport event which is aimed to promote muaythai for what it really stands for and showcase the athletes and their sacrifices on their journeys to become champions.

The long waited for The Challenger Muaythai is brought to you by AXN, every Thursday, for 13 weeks, at 9pm (GMT +7).

 Don’t miss out on the premiere this Thursday, September the 15th, Episode 1.

Contender Asia was a huge success a few years ago, the same group is therefore now producing The Challenger Muaythai, with the name “muaythai” in the title. Under the supervision of the World Muaythai Council (WMC), the world governing body for the sport of muaythai, the reality competition series this time is set and shot in the beautiful Malaysia.

Sixteen world class fighters, from all five continents, have been and will be fighting with their hearts and souls to become the Challenger and WMC World Champion, other than to receive the grand prize of 120,000 USD.

Yodsanklai was the winner in Contender Asia, this time Thailand will be represented by King’s Cup Champion, Madsua. Amongst the celebrities are also former Contender Asia host and muaythai personality, the WMC Vice-President, Mr. Stephan Fox. He is once again the host of the series and, with his illustrious background, he is also the mentor of the fighters. Hosting the fight nights it will be the gorgeous Asian TV celebrity, Thai supermodel, Sonia Couling.

From Europe to America, to Africa, Oceania and Asia, the fighters have an impressive track record, with some of them having already beaten the winner of the previous series, Yodsanklai, and the runner-up, John Wayne Parr.

 The atmosphere in the fight arena is electrifying.

On a newly developed contest style, each week the fighters will be subjected to a rigid bout of training from the two selected coaches, which will revolve around the “weapon of the week”. Stephan Fox believes that this is a fundamental aspect of the show, as the audience will learn much about the principal aspects of muaythai techniques, but also have a clear view of its culture, the deep traditional rules and the spiritual aspects.

Nothing on the planet has ever been able to bring you closer to the action. You will surely be on the edge of your seats. Watch out for the drama in the villa where the fights will be living, eating and sleeping, isolated from the outside world. There is no doubt you will be touched by their dreams and hopes that have brought them to be who they are today, moreover their desire to win the prize and fame which could change their lives forever.

 Each week one of the fighters will have to go home.

Who will rise to the challenge and who will be the last man standing to merge as The Challenger WMC Champion? Who will overcome all the odds and walk away with 120,000 USD?

The mentor of the show, Mr. Fox, states the obvious fact that there can be only one winner in the competition, but that the sport of muaythai is already a winner, since over 400 Million people will be watching, week by week, The Challenger Muaythai.

Enjoy the rise of The Challenger Muaythai!