The IFMA Youth World Championships 2021 outlined that the IFMA youth development work and IFMA’s universality policy has paid off. The youth from 10 to 17 came together for the first championships in 16 months as during the pandemic out of safety the physical championships were stopped and changed to virtual.

IFMA has used this time to continue their teaching programmes online to develop their techniques which clearly has shown success. Six days with over 100 bouts per day have come to a closing where the best of the best met.

Team Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Malaysia, Belarus, UK, Peru, Germany and the list goes on have made it to the podium and some outstanding bouts took place.

What was as important or maybe, even more, was the level of respect the athletes demonstrated with each other, showing us as much grace in defeat as in victory.

The Chair of the Athletes Commission, Janice Lyn stated that the standard of the IFMA youth has drastically improved which is the result of the cooperation between the athlete and youth commissions to ensure that the youth are the heart of all development and that the future of IFMA and muaythai is safe.

Thank you to the youth of the world for the outstanding performances.