The President of SportAccord and GAISF Raffaele Chiulli was a guest of honour at the muaythai competition which was part of the CIS Games where athletes from 10 countries competed for the first edition of medals and the valuable qualification points for the World Combat Games 2022.

GAISF Vice President and IFMA Secretary General Mr Stephan Fox introduced Mr. Chiulli to the field of play highlighting him to the participating teams and sharing IFMA’s longstanding goals and visions for the future. In attendance were IFMA Executive Board member Mr Farhat Amankulov (KAZ), Chair of the IFMA Technical Commission Dmitry Putilin.

President Chiulli has been a guest of many muaythai events giving his words of supports for IFMA athletes. He has been using sport to promote IFMA’s social campaign and he has always been a regular muaythai practitioner at each Good Morning Muaythai session of the SportAccord Conventions. 

Mr. Chiulli congratulated IFMA on full recognition by the IOC and welcomed muaythai to the Family of the IOC recognised sports.

IFMA would like to thank Mr. Raffaele Chiulli for this friendship and for the continuous support to the sports federation striving for the highest sports recognition.