The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and the National Federations of IFMA work closely together to promote the cultural part of muaythai in the 146 IFMA member countries.

Sri Lankan muaythai has become a developing force in the muaythai family with outstanding results at the last IFMA Virtual World Championships and United Through Sports World Championships.
This is why Sri Lankan Muaythai has been fully recognised under
the President of Sri Lankan Muaythai Asoka Jayarathna. The President and the Thai Ambassador to Sri Lanka held an important meeting to continue the close corporation between the National Federation and the Royal Thai Embassy, especially on IFMA’s and muaythai’s social responsibility projects. The Beyond the Border project was created in Sri Lanka and the Royal Thai Embassy donated towards the project and muaythai in Sri Lanka to give back to the ones in need.

The Ambassador also congratulated the Sri Lankan Muaythai Federation on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kingdom of Thailand on their full recognition by the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka and IFMA by the International Olympic Committee. The Ambassador stated that Thailand is proud to to be the motherland of muaythai and the Kingdom stands united with IFMA, proudly with the five rings