2020 was a year with many challenges mourning the loss of lives and 21 continues as 2020 ended but with added optimism due to the positive developments regarding testing and vaccines.

We certainly can not underestimate the journey ahead and the World Muaythai Council under the IOC recognised umbrella organisation IFMA can only applaud the positivity, resilience and innovative approach of all member countries. 

The recognised world of muaythai stands in solidarity and unity to protect all members of the muaythai family, putting safety first and the WMC and IFMA will continue to fully support all member national federations so that we come back stronger from the pandemic and that all our athletes can and will shine again in the centre ring.

We will continue to promote all aspects of muaythai under the 5 pillars and while many gyms and stadiums are under lockdown we will continue to engage with the muaythai community towards physical and mental health.
At the same time the WMC will continue to work closely with IFMA and the over 140 national federations to do grass roots development and promote muaythai as a cultural artform and exciting ringsport whilst always protecting the cultural heritage of muaythai and its origins in Thailand.