IFMA National Federations around the world organised different events celebrating the Nai Khanom Tom day honouring the legendary muaythai fighter who competed for his freedom and was an undefeated champion.

The youth around the world knows the legend of the Thai warrior who had to compete against 10 opponents and won all of them using the art of eight limbs. His strength and power of will became motivation for many current champions who are inspired by Nai Khanom Tom.


Modern-day muaythai honours its heroes and thousands of muaythai practitioners from around the world arrive at the city of Ayutthaya to be part of the celebration. A full day of activities, exhibitions and spectacular muaythai became one of the must-see events in Thailand. The Ayuddhaya Event as every year, is organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and certainly many of IFMA’s high masters and students come to celebrate, as well as representatives of the Executive Board, Athletes’ Commission as well as IFMA partnering organisation United Through Sports.