This year Rumble of the Kings will see a fantastic promotion with two World title fights on the same card, one in Muaythai, and one in Boxing.

WMC Vice President, Stephan Fox  said: “This is the way it should be: The WBC as the premier boxing promoter, and the WMC as the world controlling body for the sport of Muaythai. Boxing is boxing and Muaythai is Muaythai.  With this event, the WMC wants to send a clear message that everyone should stick to their expertise. The WMC will not in any way support WBC Muaythai events, which many boxing promoters find disturbing.”

Fox also stated that this was the original idea years ago, when the WMC and WBC once shook hands to co-promote one another’s sports. However, in the intervening years, some people steered away from this idea.

Challenger Mauythai champion, Madsua, will challenge for the WMC World Title against Sweden’s hero, Alex Harris, in a much anticipated showdown.

Dzhabar Askerov, Contender Asia semi-finalist and European WMC Champion, is being challenged by Mohammad El Mir from Denmark.

The Boxing World title will be a great promotion for female boxing, especially as  boxing has made its way to the Olympics. Diana Prazak from Australia will take on Sweden’s Frida Wallberg.

The night will see a spectacular undercard program, and the event will be televised around the world. Congratulations to Rumble of the Kings for another world class promotion.