Tolga’s Memorial Night took place on Saturday in the Tivoli Sports Hall in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The event was organised by Duran Gym and sanctioned by IFMA and the WMC featuring junior fights under youth IFMA rules right the way up to elite-level fights under WMC rules.

The event was held in honour of Tolga Elbren with all proceeds going to Tolga’s Topsport Olympic Muay Thai Foundation. Tolga Ebren was a top sportsman with heart and soul and sadly passed away at the age of 19 due to a brain tumor. Unfortunately, Tolga has not been able to make all his dreams come true, he would therefore like nothing more than for other young people to be able to realize their dreams. That is why the initiators of the foundation came up with the idea of establishing a top sports foundation in Tolga’s honour.


The 1st match saw Romaysae Bouarouro from France against Axana Depypere from Belgium, a female bout won by Axana on points.

The 2nd match was between Seyit Ali Arici (Turkey) and Giuseppe Gesuito (Italy) the win went to Turkey.

The 3rd match Ernesto Costa Cesari (Italy) vs Muhammet Bektas (Turkey) saw Italy win due to opponent injury.

The 4th match was between Wael Halim (France) and Finn Masurat (Germany) France wins by elbow to the head and the doctor stopped the fight.

The 5th match was between Talent of the Netherlands Matthew Daalman (Netherlands) VS Najim El Khoulati (Spain) Netherlands won on points.

The 6th match was between Ali Riza Oztalan (Turkey) and Mattia Pili (Italy) Turkey won on points.

The 7th match was between Charissa Marx (Netherlands) and Ezi Yilmaz (Turkey) Turkey wins on points.

The 8th match was between Mehmet Ali Meric vs Gianluca Costa Cesari, (Italy) Turkey wins on points.

Duran Ebren, President of the Netherlands Muaythai Federation stated that they were all spectacular matches one by one, it was about fairplay and respect. It was a successful IFMA/WMC event.