TOP LEVEL FIGHTERS “Summer Edition” 2022 will take place on Sunday July the 10th in Fiumicino, Italy with an all star line up of Italy’s best Nak Muays. The Mileluci Sporting Center will be the venue for the action with athletes travelling from 6 regions of Italy as well as internationally to compete on the event.

Muaythai in Italy is fully recognised by the Italian Olympic Committee, CONI, and the Ministry of Sports and continues to thrive in the country with many professional events happening each week.

The headline bout of the evening will see Alain Iannone from Italy the undisputed Italian Federkombat champion face the very dangerous Moroccan fighter Mohamed El-Amraoui in a bout that has got everyone talking.

IFMA Executive Board member and WMC Italy Head, Davide Carlot stated that Muaythai in Italy is now returning to its pre covid state with weekly muaythai events becoming the new normal. We have a big second half of the year planned for professional events with many major shows taking place across the country as we continue to push the sport we all love so much.