Coastal Warfare is back on the 4th of June at the Banana Bender Pub with another monster lineup. The main fight of the evening will see Nick Trask and Cody Trae Jameson battle it out for the WMC Australian title. We took some time to catch up with Nick and Cody on Friday to weigh in on how they are feeling ahead of the fight.

Nick Trask began fighting in 2007 and has 42 fights to date. He is the current WMC champion and Queensland champion.

Nick stated that he is strong and fit and in the best condition possible ahead of the fight. “This is the best version of myself to date and I approach every fight like it is my last so I will leave it all out there”.

“I have prepared with my coach Sammy Croke who has done the thinking for me but I know what I need to do out there”. “I am looking forward to the fight but I don’t have any great emotions about the fight, I have learned emotions don’t win fights, actions win fights so this is my mentality”.

Cody “Traeway” Jameson began martial arts at an early age and is the 2 x NSW champion and 3 x Australian champion.

Cody stated that he is super excited about the opportunity to fight for the WMC Australian title. “This is definitely a belt that I’ve wanted ever since I started training 11 years ago”. “Nick and I trained together briefly in Thailand in 2018 when I was still an amateur with only 3 fights so fighting him is pretty surreal for me and being able to fight him before he retires is a great honour”.

“This year I’ve started splitting my training up between Full Force Gym, under Reinhard Badato, and Machete Muay Thai, under Rhyse Saliba”.

“Clinching used to be my biggest lacking point when it came to Muay Thai but since working with Rhyse it’s now become one of my strongest and most favourite parts of my game”. “After June 4th everyone in Aus Muay Thai will start to pay more attention and I will start to get the big fights”.

This fight is shaping up to be a good one so far so expect fireworks on June 4th. A big thank you must go to both Nick and Cody for taking the time to catch up with the WMC and good luck to both of you on the upcoming fight.