Miami, Florida came alive as Triumphant Combat Sports under the sanctioning of the United States Muaythai Federation put on an event of superlative proportions with three WMC titles on the line. The James Knight Centre was packed to the bursting point and the atmosphere could only be described as electrifying.

Geoff Quares the promoter of the event stated that he is a proud member of USMF, IFMA and the WMC and the events are just going from strong to stronger as muaythai in the US continues to flourish.

Michael Corley President of USMF made a joyful announcement on IFMA’s recommendation by the International Olympic Committee Executive Board and with the World Games around the corner and Los Angeles organising the 2028 Olympics he stated it is about getting our superstars ready for the World Games and building the next generation for the Olympic recognised multi-sport games. This very much was also the fight card of putting the IFMA gold medalists against champions to build for the future. Many think that because these athletes wear head guards at the IFMA sanctioned events it is different to WMC events but the only difference is the rules as IFMA events are round robin and WMC are single fights.

The opening fight saw IFMA gold medalist and one of America’s hopefuls towards the World Games Bekah Irwin competing against Lara Freitas from Brazil for the WMC Pan American title. This event proved once again that USMF is very much in line with IFMA’s gender equality as both fighters got a standing ovation and it was Bekah Irwin once again the dominant one who headed home with a shiny strap around her waist.

The second Pan American title was between two Pan American champions. Troy Jones from the USA and Miguel Angel Padilla from Mexico. Mexican muaythai under the leadership of Pan American president Elisa Salinas hosted an unforgettable world championship in 2018 and this was another world class performance but Troy Jones with his skills and the home crowd behind him took the fight and the belt.

The main event of the evening and the one that everyone was waiting for was between Kevin Ross and IFMA world champion Asa Ten Pow for the WMC MAD Title. This battle of old generation versus the new was considered the fight of the evening by many and had the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Asa Ten Pow took the win to the shock of many die hard Ross fans in the audience but gracefully, showing respect to Ross from start to finish.

Following the bout, Kevin took to the microphone to announce his retirement from muaythai which left a tear in the eye of many in the audience who view Kevin as one of the founders of muaythai in America. He thanked the sport and vowed to pass the torch on to the next generation of upcoming muaythai fighters and train future champions.

Kevin we wish you all the best in your new endeavours and thank you for everything you have done for the sport!

Fantastic performance and congratulations to the promoter and USMF, World Games here we come!