Turkey is one of the leading muaythai federations in Europe with over 20,000 registered athletes and have started their muaythai superleague around all provinces in Turkey to decide which Turkish male and female athletes will be invited to the final of the Royal World Cup.

The President of the Turkish Muaythai Federation stated that the over 20,000 registered athletes need opportunities and the Turkish Olympic Committee and Sports Ministry fully recognise muaythai under the Turkish Muaythai Federation which earlier in the year opened the season with the European Championships.

Turkey is also proud that they will host the FISU Martial Arts World Cup in which muaythai is included and now the Muaythai Super League will travel to every province to promote muaythai and the cultural aspects.

It is not a sporting event, there will also be cultural exchanges and over 1,000 athletes will participate to book their tickets to the final in Thailand.

Good luck to all the athletes, and congratulations to the organisers and the Turkish Muaythai Federation.