A special meeting took place between the President of the Muaythai Association of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia HRH Prince Fahad Bin Mansour Bin Saad Bin Saud Al Saud and the Muaythai Association of Thailand under the Presidency of Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan. His Royal Highness visited the headquarter of the sole Olympic recognised Muaythai federation in Thailand and a special demonstration was organised showcasing the different aspects of muaythai as a cultural art form and competition sport.

His Highness was welcomed by the national team of the Kingdom of Thailand which will be traveling to Abu Dhabi for the upcoming championships and a Mae Mai Muaythai, Wai Khru and Krabi Krabong performance was organised.

Mutliple-time world champion Sawsing showed why IFMA has been given IOC recognition by reaching full gender equality and his Royal Highness met one of the most decorated female athletes of the world.

The programme ended with the future and IFMA’s strong social engagement with the Youth Sport is your Gang team from all projects around Bangkok showing their skills and His Highness was deeply impressed by the initiative taking it back home to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.