The Indian Muaythai Association (UMAI) will shatter records this week by hosting an online IFMA Khan online seminar with close to 130 participants, the biggest number to date.

When the Covid 19 pandemic began, IFMA created an online studio to ensure that practitioners of muaythai are able to continue their studies and education despite been housebound as exercise plays a vital role in the mental and physical well being.

Leading the Indian seminar will be Ajarn Chao, one of the highest masters in muaythai who will be taking all the participants through the syllabus to achieve their higher khans.

A special thanks must go to newly reelected President of UMAI Mr Prasenjit Singha for organising the seminar which is the biggest one to date

The WMC and IFMA would like to wish all the participants the best of luck in their upcoming grading.