The CEDEC – Centro de Entrenamiento Deportes de Combate del Uruguay will be the stage of the magnificent encounter between the Uruguayan National Team and the Brazilian National Team of CBMTT where the champions of each category, at the end of the year, will be competing for the belt approved by the WMC – World Muaythai Council.
The event, scheduled to take place on March 9 in Montevidéu, organized by FUMTT – Federation of Traditional Muaythai Uruguayan, is supported by the Ministry of Sport of Uruguay and will be the first of a series of competitions that will take place this year in Uruguay and Brazil.
We congratulate the multi-champion and current president of the Uruguayan Federation, Mr. Marcos Denis Pereira for this wonderful initiative that will undoubtedly be a divider in the work carried out by CSMT – South American Muaythai Confederation.
This will be our first international commitment of 2024 ahead of the 34th South American Muaythai & Brazil Open Championship that will take place from April 5-7 in São Paulo when the 10th edition of the Arnold South American Festival is held.
CBMTT-IFMA BRAZIL has a vast calendar of events with nine professional international championships and four national teams, so get ready because this year is going to be fantastic!