USA Muaythai, the sole Muaythai Federation in the United States recognised by the National Olympic and Paralympic Committee believes that enhancing and promoting the muaythai and Olympic values is fundamental. This also includes the athlete’s well-being and safety stated Michael Corley, the President of United States Muaythai.

Over the last six years, muaythai has gone from strong to stronger in the USA with a strategised youth development programme and Team USA twice becoming the most outstanding team at the IFMA Youth World Championships. Aside from this, muaythai was also one of the most outstanding sports at the World Games in Birmingham with Team USA winning three gold medals.

This year’s national championships were the official qualifier for both the IFMA Senior World Championships in Greece at the Olympic birthplace and the Youth World Championships in Bangkok. Athletes came from all parts of the United States; the cultural elements and the spirit of fairplay were outstanding.

The four-day event saw many contests decided by the closest of margins which showcases how high the standard of muaythai is in the United States.

IFMA President, Doctor Sakchye Tapuswan congratulated USA muaythai and the ones who booked their tickets to Greece and Bangkok and encouraged the ones who came second and third to continue their journey stating “in muaythai we never lose, we learn and come back stronger”.

Congratulations to the national team of the United States!