WA Thaiboxing Promoter Peter Boyd has put together another awesome WMC event in Perth Western Australia set for Sunday the 12th July 2015.

The stacked fight card is headlined with the Prestige’s WMC Intercontinental title belt on the line between Australia’s young Super Star Millad Farzad taking on the famous Muaythai MAX Champion fighter Cherngrob Pumpanmuang Windysport. This bout promises to be something that IGNITION Muaythai fans will be on the edge of their seats from round one.

Supporting the main event is a super local match up between Ricardo Pisaneschi from the famous Kao Sok camp the home of WMC World Champion Danial “Mini T” Williams verses Local Champions Gym Hero Chris Watt for the WMC West Australian State title belt. These two fighters are at the top of their game at the moment and will leave it all in the ring to take home the WMC Title.

Another great supporting bout to these two main title match ups is the Super rematch between Jordan “Wolf” Godtfredson again from the Kao Sok camp and Jackson “The Handsome Hero” Moorehouse from Olsens Muaythai Factory. These boys have fought before and Jordan took the win, Jackson has revenge in is eyes and wants his hand raised at the end of bout.

As always the under card will not disappoint on this IGNITION Muaythai event. Promoter Peter Boyd always supports Juniors and Female bouts. This event has 5 Female match ups and some great Junior bouts to start this fantastic fight card.

IGNITION Poster 12th July 2015

FIGHT CARD IGNITION Muaythai 12th July 2015

WMC Intercontinental 72.5kg title
Millad Farzad (Australia) v Cherngrob Pumpanmuang (Thailand) 5x3x2 FTR

WMC WA State 69.85kg title
Ricardo Pisaneschi (Kao Sok) v Chris Watt (Champions) 5x3x2 FTR

Rematch Super Fight 60kg
Jordan Godtfredson (Kao Sok) v Jackson Moorehouse (Olsen’s) 5x2x1 FTR
Ben Quartermaine (Seldy’s) v Sam Gore (Ekleboom’s) 3x2x1 69kg FTR
Ben Valuri (WATBC) v Jake Doygun (Phon’s) 3x2x1 66kg FTR
Kerrianne Mckay (Kao Sok) v Kaitlyn Vance (Olsen’s) 3x2x1 53kg FTR
Dylan Herbst (The Pit) v Jake Hickey (Beastmaster) 3x2x1 67kg FTR
Misagh Nouruzi (Bailey’s) v Ryan Black (Phon’s) 3x2x1 68.5 FTR
Jen Sinclair (Typhoon) v Erin Kelly (Olsen’s) 3x2x1 58kg Mod Thai
Chris Underwood (Bailey’s) v Brett Collum (Mach1) 3x2x1 67kg FTR
Moe Zahedi (Deisel) v Jimmy Grey (Champions) 3x2x1 75kg FTR
Cameron Machlachlan (Coastal) v Kai Thomson (Phon’s) 3x2x1 75kg FTR
Cassey Lyon lopez (The Pit) v Sheanea Marie (Olsen’s) 3x2x1 55kg Mod Thai
Joel Fulton (WATBC) v Aiden Hobson-Coehlo (SMG) 3x2x1 63kg Mod Thai
Alex Mutch (Bailey’s) v Alic Jones (Diesel) 3x2x1 66kg FTR
Lara Gillan (Mach1) v Brianne Ng (Phon’s) 3x2x1 49kg Mod Thai
Shannon Peek (Bailey’s) Demo Janick Lim (Bailey’s) 3x2x1 Mod Thai