The FMDA and World Muaythai Council (WMC) and promoter Denis Cintura have made an agreement to take muaythai in France to a new level.

Around 20 events are planned all over France over the next year. The first event took place in Saint Fons. The venue was packed with over 3000 spectators and will be televised in Europe and Asia. The stacked card saw 5 International WMC Challenger belts on the line…

1. Saro PRESTI (GOLDEN FIGHTER GYM . Italie) vs Aziz ALI KADA (Team NAS-R.K . France) In the 76 KG division, a great fight which went to France on points.

2. KWANKHAO (Team CHITLADA SANDAK . Thaïlande) vs Karim BENNOUI (Team NAS-R.K . France) Another great display of muaythai in the 60KG division and it was Thailand which took the decision.

3. Igor MIHALJEVIC (Team SHARK GYM . CROATIE) vs Yuksel AYAYDIN (Team NAS-R.K . France) In the super heavyweight fight of the big boys, the fighters went toe to toe and it was France that took a close decision against Croatia.

4. Solomon WICKSTEAD (Team FRANKS GYM . Angleterre) vs Abdallah MABEL (Team NAS-R.K . France) In the 72KG division it went down to the ages old rivalry between France and England. It was France to the delight of onlookers that stopped the English fighter.

5. Ben HODGE (Team LUMPINI MUAYTHAI . Angleterre) vs Yohan LIDON (Team NAS-R.K . France) The main fight between English Super star Ben Hodge against French superstar Johan Lidon – this time it was England that silenced the crowd by stopping Johan, leaving it all open for a re-match.

Congratulations to FMDA and Denis Cintura for a fantastic event!