!! Shining Stars at the First WMC International Event – MuayThai

The WMC (World Muaythai Council), organized by athletes from Greece and abroad, will be held at the G. Olympic Center. Stephanopoulos”, which opens its doors to the fans of muaythai and Combat Sports, on Saturday, December the 17th at 20:00.

WMC promises a Unique Night where matches between Greek and foreign champions, of world-class will dominate. Muaythai ambassadors, with a background of titles and belts, will be present, accompanied by rising fighters, accompanied by appropriate lighting and sound effects, with professional direction, offering a unique 3-hour extravaganza, to everyone who will be there, to live an unforgettable experience

The presentation will be by -world-renowned- UFC host and judge, Mr. Grant Waterman.

WMC – World Muaythai Council