WMC I-1 is one of the WMC trademarks which is organised by famous promoter Master Kim Ip under the sanctioning of Hong Kong Muaythai Association celebrates its 10th Anniversary on 5 April 2016 with Super 4 for male and female athletes.

The Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Star Hall) will again offer its spectatorship stand which are always filled for WMC I-1 to the bursting point where entertainment met sporting excellence in the truly knock out event.

The 2 Main Events are the World Title and International Title Super-4 Championships.

The 4 athletes competing for the 60 kg Super-4 are:

Josh Tonna (Australia),;

Jan Szajko (Slovakia), Slovakian Champion and Champion of Euroliga;

Keeloo (Thailand) ; and

Ncedo Gomba (South Africa).


The 4 female champions from 4 different countries competing for the 46 kg Super-4 are:

Wu Hoi-Yan (Hong Kong), Current No.1 fighter in Hong Kong;

Katia Tsovgan (Greece), aka “Tinkerbell”, Current Greek Champion;

Akari Nakamura (Japan), who is in Top 5 of Japanese fighters; and

Lyazzat Akylova (Russia), Current Female Champion of Russia.



On the card as Super Fights:

Tony Sor. KeawSuek (Bulgaria), Current I-1 GP World Champion vs Athit (Thailand), Current I-1 Super Fight Champion
for the I-1 Global Champion Belt

Dan Gerald (Ghana), a.k.a. “Chokdee”, Current No.1 Fighter of Ghana vs Hung Yau-Hoi (Hong Kong), Champion of various championships in China, Hong Kong and Macau
for the I-1 Global Champion Belt

Carlo Doinjashvili (Goergia), a.k.a. “Beko”, current Champion of Georgia and Caucasus vs Pavlos Kaponis (Greece), aka “Diamond”, 4-time Greek Champion and IMC World Champion
for the I-1 Global Champion Belt

Michalis Manoli (Cyprus) vs Anson Chak (Hong Kong), former Hong Kong Champion
for the I-1 Global Champion Belt

Amir Naseri (Iran), Current I-1 Super-4 World Champion vs Mana Nirarat (Thailand)
for the I-1 Global Champion Belt

Quay Chen Wee (Malaysia), Top fighter in Malaysia vs Jason Tang (Hong Kong)

Congratulations to WMC I-1 promoter on this important date, athletes from 5 continents showing why muaythai is one of the fastest going sports on the planet.