One of the WMC trademarks, WMC I-1 organised by famous promoter Master Kim Ip under the sanctioning of Hong Kong Muaythai Association was again a huge success.

The Hong Kong Exhibition Center was again filled to the bursting point where entertainment met sporting excellence in the truly knock out event.

Two belts on the line: the 57 kg event with Ali Yaakub from Malaysia, one of the biggest names in muaythai was matched against Nonthachai from Thailand and this fight had a crowd on the feet from the beginning to end when two world class fighters showed their arsenal of eight weapons.On the end in a split decision it was Ali Yaakub winning the fight which shows again that the muaythai is a truly international sport.

The second fight was between Alex Serepisos from New Zealand againstNcedo Gomba from South Africa; Oceania Vs South Africa. In this world class event New Zealand was the winner.

The final was Australia Vs Asia, Ali Yaakub Vs Alex Serepisos, and this is the match which the Oceania Olympic Committee and Oceania Olympic Committee like to see as both continents will lead in the Indonesian Martial Arts Games.

In a world class performance which could have only one winner, New Zealand was on the slightest margin and this rematch is a must at any promoter’s card.

The second super four was in 71 kg division with Thai superstar, winner of the reality show “Challenger” and 3-time I-1 World Champion; former WMC world champion, Tum Mardsua took on Eddie Vendetta from Colombia. Tum Mardsua has shown again why he is the Challenger champion winning the fight.

The second semi final fight saw Georgian athlete, Carlo Doinjashvili in all European Match against Cypriot, Giorgos Kostanov, and it was Georgia winning the fight and the final was set Mardsua Vs Doinjashvili and Mardsua leaving nothing for chances. From the opening bell the crowd favoured with the precision of a surgeon going to work and winning the battle but all respect must go to Georgia for this outstanding battle.


The undercard was full packed with local fighter from Hong Kong, China to continue showcasing the strength of Hong Kong muaythai, one of the most organised national federations.


Again congratulations to WMC I-1 promoter, athletes from 5 continents showing why muaythai is one of the fastest going sports on the planet.