A joint technical official referee and judge course by the World Muaythai Council and IFMA is taking place at the Sports Authority of Thailand before the opening of the IFMA World Championships.


Thirty selected ITO’s from around the world have come together to be part of this 4 day course which is supervised by Associate Professor Ajarn Radom Nabangchang the chair of the muaythai professional sector and also the former technical head of the famous Lumphinee stadium.


The course was opened by IFMA President and General Secretary of the WMC Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan reminding them again on the importance of referees and judges to ensure the safety of the athletes and the fair decision making process.


WMC Vice President and IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox gave a detailed presentation on the history of the WMC and IFMA and the cooperation of 24 years to ensure health, safety and the transformation of the athletes. He stated how he began himself and received his own referee certificate from Ajarn Radom in 1995 and how he is proud to be here today while muaythai is being developed into an IOC recognised sport.


The president then stated that after this 4 day course another 3 day course will take place under the supervision of the IFMA commission to ensure that the WMC and IFMA will continue to have the highest standards on and off the field of play.