After the boys have taken centre stage for many years, especially with television shows like The Contender or the Emmy-nominated TV show, Challenger, it is long overdue that the girls will take centre stage.
Galaxy work group under the sanctioning of the World Muaythai Council have worked hard to put together the World Muaythai Angel concept: 16 girls from 15 countries, New Zealand, Morocco, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Korea, Italy, France, Belarus, China, England, Poland, Russia, Luxembourg and Thailand, will go toe to toe. Who will be the World Muaythai Angel and WMC Champion?
The events will take place in three different locations in Bangkok, first event on the 2nd of October, the second on the 7th of November, and third on the 25th of December in which the last 4 girls will fight in a round robin competition to become the champion.
The Thai government is in full support, and deputy governor Sakon of the Sport authority of Thailand stated that is not just a Muaythai event, it will promote Thailand, the girls will have different awards, will take part in different sactivitives, and promote Thailand as a tourist destination and Muaythai as a cultural art form.
An exciting press conference was held with Mr Chaiya Promma speaking on behalf of the government praising this project and the benefits it has for Thailand.
Sakon, the deputy governor of SAT, spoke that Muaythai truly has become an international sport and that Muaythai as just been included in World Games association and female Muaythai has grown and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming competition in Thailand and also SportAccord Combat Games in Russia.
Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan, Chairmain committee on monelary, finance, Banking and financial institutions thanked the organiser Galaxy Work Group for the concept, especially promoting female Muaythai and Thailand. He welcomed all of the guests from around the world especially the female representatives of WMC and IFMA: Sue Glacy, VP; Anna Melo, the female president of Muaythai Portugal, Ingrid Jost, the GS of Muaythai in Brazil; and Julie Witt, the female president from Denmark, demonstrating how important this meeting was.
Stephan Fox, IFMA General Secretary and WMC Vice President, and host of Challenger, stated that this is a new area for Muaythai and it is important to take the girls to the centre as they have truly earned their spot and it will show that the sport is truly for every body. The ratio at the international championships is now 70-30% male-female and growing. This event will even increase the popularity more and everyone is looking forward for this major event.