Yodsenklai the winner of Contender Asia and two time WMC world champion made it for the third time this Saturday against Moravcik in Slovakia. In front of a sold out venue Yodsenklai was determined from the opening bell to bring the belt back to Thailand. Moravcik, one of the biggest names in Muaythai, both in and out of Thailand went out firing from the opening round but got caught with a stunning hand from Yodsenklai, putting him straight down to the canvas. With the heart of a lion he fought on however, Yodsenklai, with the precision of a surgeon went after him blow by blow.

For three rounds Moravcik showed the world why he is one of the best fighters around, but he just could not recover, the fight was stopped by the referee, making Yodsenklai, again the WMC middle weight world champ.

Congratulations to the organisers of the fight for making it a truly a world class event.