The global fight scenes spotlight is no longer purely occupied by men, as the rise of numbers of talented female fighters in the sport is a fact we no longer can deny.

To celebrate and further support the growth of female fighters, The Greek promotion of MTGP/KGP, lead by Pavlos Kaponis and sanctioned by the WMC have created a fight-series for woman, called “MTGP/KGP Angels”, next event will be the 23rd of February in Athens. This event will broadcast 10 female bouts, with some of the most exciting prospects, along side of a few high level professional bouts in both Muaythai and Kickboxing.

Greece has seen a big growth of young woman coming to the sport last years, and some of the most talked about bouts after the last MTGP event in Athens, where the bloody European title fights between Anna Tatjana Lie and Maria Panagiotakopoulou, as well as the fire cracker of a KGP national title fight between the international up and coming teenagers – Aimilia Kapri and Eleni Mytilinaki. These woman showed great heart, fighting spirit and high level technical skills – further inspiring the next generation of female fighters that are ready to put on a show at Road to MTGP – season 2.

The amazonian spirit of Greece is back, and the woman are here to stay!