Muaythai and IFMA is one of the 5 nominees out of the 104 SportAccord world recognised sporting federations for their exceptional contribution to sport and society.


The Spirit of Sport Award was created by the SportAccord Council in 2002 to commend the commitment and humanitarian spirit of SportAccord members who have made an exceptional and lasting contribution through the use of sport as a tool for a positive social change.


The award has received greater impetus in order to enhance the opportunities for recognition and reward of contributions to society made by SportAccord members in six areas:


Sport and Child & Youth Development

Sport and the Environment

Sport and Gender

Sport and Health

Sport and Persons with Disabilities

Sport and Peace


IFMA president, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, stated that being one of the nominees is indeed a great honour for Muaythai and giving back is a very important aspect of the sport as well as for IFMA.


IFMA Sports Director, Charissa Tynan also stated that “Sport is your Gang” is an important initiative for IFMA in cooperation with Peace and Sport because giving back to the community is an important part of Muaythai, and IFMA will continue to try to help those in need of positive development.


Sumara Yawnghwe, chairperson of the IFMA social responsibility commission explained that “Sport Is Your Gang” targets youth from challenging backgrounds, encouraging them to take up Muaythai training. Through their participation and dialogue programs, they would feel inspired to strive towards positive self-development and a healthier lifestyle, rather than belonging to a gang or participating in a violent lifestyle. The spirit of the project is that sport can become a family, a team and a community.


Hannah Mercieca, IFMA’s social responsibility unit coordinator said that sport has an enormous power and that this power should be used to achieve great change for the better. Muaythai is growing in popularity and it must be used to expand the various social initiatives.


Stephan Fox, IFMA’s General Secretary said that, IFMA is a proud member of SportAccord and is delighted to work closely with Peace and Sport and Generation for Peace. IFMA and Muaythai believe that sport can make a difference. Muaythai and the values of the Martial arts are providing an alternative focus and a path away from destructive activities. As a recognized world federation, social responsibility must be the taken full heartedly and the youth is society’s most important asset as they are the ones who will be shaping our future.


IFMA is looking forward to the award ceremony and regardless, if the award will or will not go to Muaythai, we will and must continue to make a change and just do well and feel good. We also would like to thank SportAccord again for the nomination.