Turkish University National Team

The Latvian Muaythai Federation has held the East European Cup and European Muaythai Clubs’ Cup 2011 in Leipaja from the 29th and the 31st of July, 2011, under directive of the EMF and sanctioning of IFMA. The event was held as a team competition, in which 10 countries took part: Belarus, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, […]

Official Mascot of the European Championships 2011 Unveiled

The official mascot of the 2011 European Championships in Antalya, Turkey has been released. The mascot’s orange head was designed to reflect one of the region’s most important symbol of culture. The orange symbol is also shared by the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, held annually since 1963 in Antalya. IFMA and the EMF are […]