The Latvian Muaythai Federation has held the East European Cup and European Muaythai Clubs’ Cup 2011 in Leipaja from the 29th and the 31st of July, 2011, under directive of the EMF and sanctioning of IFMA.

The event was held as a team competition, in which 10 countries took part: Belarus, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Turkey.

The Muaythai Federation of Turkey would like to express their happiness, as it was the first time their National Team consisted exclusively of University student athletes. The Turkish Federation of Muaythai is one of our first federations that has been organizing University Muaythai Championships spreading the WMC and IFMA aim of increasing the popularity of our sport amongst the youngest.

We would like to congratulate all teams taking part in this event, in particular team Belarus, team Kazakhstan, team Latvia, and obviously the Turkish University National Team for gathering such big success and taking home important medals.

Finally we would like to thank the Turkish Federation for their update and efforts in organizing more University Games so to reach IFMA’s hope of holding a World University Muaythai Championship.